Brand : USA Toyz

Genuine UDI Spare Parts – Complete Drone Motor Crash Kit- Clockwise and Counter Clockwise motors – U818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Compatible

What’s the surest way to end your flight on a sour note? By not being prepared with back-up spare parts! Get your drone back up in the air within minutes of crashing or losing a part by keeping a crash pack on hand at all times. Our genuine UDI brand motors are made with the same high quality and durable materials as the ones found in your original drone. Beware of non-authentic parts as they can severely deplete the performance and longevity of your drone. These motors are compatible with the UDI U818A, U818A-1, U818A HD+, and U817 RC quadcopters. Since our motors are authentic brand new manufacturer-recommended parts, you can enjoy long term use and exceptional performance. Be prepared for damaged or lost motors during a flight. You can quickly and easily swap them out with one of these and get right back to your adventure! CONTENTS: This crash kit includes 1 x Counter Clockwise Motor with Blue LED, 1 x Clockwise Motor with Blue LED, 1 x Counter Clockwise Motor with Red LED, 1 x Clockwise Motor with Red LED

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